Are you looking to promote your product or business relating to the artist and creative industry?

There are a few ways we can mutually cooperate :

If you are keen to explore the following options for mutual benefit to each of our businesses, do drop us a line at info@eleganz-n-grace.com

1. Send us an article from your blog.  We will see if its suitable for our store.  Once approved we will showcase your article as a guest blogger.  In turn you can showcase our offerings or promote our store on your facebook page.

2. Are you promoting travel related products?  We could collaborate on a short series of travel tips as ebooks or articles for download.  

3. Group Charity Drive. Interested online retailers could agree on a particular charity and designate selected pieces from your collection as charity pieces where 5% of sale proceeds will be set aside for the charity in question. We then announce contributions to the agreed charity as a group total in our own promotion pages. The impact is greater and the reach is wider with such a collaboration.

4.  Are you an artist or creative with your own collection of ebooks or hard copy books which are available for wholesale?  Please let us know if you would like to feature your products on our store.

Here's to greater mutual cooperation!

Email us at info@eleganz-n-grace.com  and let's start talking!