Founded by Jenica Smith, a Brisbane-based designer with 15 years of industry experience and a passion for art, creativity and sustainability.

Notely began from the belief that all our actions have consequences. That people power matters. And that the smallest spark of an idea can change the world (as long as you remember to write it down in the middle of the night).

Their eco-friendly notebooks are printed entirely on FSC-certified paper using FSC-certified printing methods. The paper is made from 100% post consumer waste – meaning that only the whitest recycled office paper is used, resulting is a vibrant white sheet with a delicate, tactile surface. This also means that, unlike many other brands of notebook, no virgin paper fibres are used. The paper is also 100% carbon neutral and created using a completely chlorine-free process. Every Notely is designed and printed in Australia, and when you get your hands on your very own Notely, you’ll notice the minimal packaging and recycled swing tags that help ensure our footprint is as light as possible.

Their careful production process means that each Notely has been specially designed to be the best surface for doodling, sketching, planning, dreaming and jotting down your most important thoughts – without compromising our environment.

Clean, fresh paper is still at the core of their brand – because despite this age of digital notetaking, we think that the scribbling of notes, drawings or sketches on real, tactile paper is a vital, magical part of the creative process.

Their ethos? They create simple, beautiful, sustainable stationery to help you create your best work.