MEN - 5 Things to Note When Buying a Surprise Jewellery Gift For Your Significant Other




A piece of jewellery carefully chosen for the woman you love will warm her heart in an instant. It’s a personal testament to your admiration of her beauty and will be much appreciated.

Buying jewellery these days are within most household budgets.  Jewellery makers are turning more and more to using less expensive metals like silver and stainless steel and technologically advanced gold and silver plating techniques. Combined with precious and semi precious stones and gems, jewellers are producing outstanding pieces of fine jewellery that will not burst your wallets.

There are 3 options one can take before finalising the purchase.

  • Presenting her with gift money to buy her own jewellery at her own time ....sad!
  • Going shopping with her so that she makes her own purchase decision .....a tad improvement
  • The best option that will thrill her like nothing ever would be to take the challenge and surprise her with a gift of your choosing.
For most men, the thought of buying jewellery without help would seem a daunting task indeed. With our vast experience in dealing with women’s tastes and needs in jewellery, let us help you make your jewellery shopping a breeze and win your lady's heart forever.
  1. Have a quick peek into her jewellery box or try to remember the pieces of jewellery which she always wears.

You can discover what she likes and what are missing from her collection. Try to recall if she had sincerely expressed admiration for someone’s piece of jewellery.  You can also gauge things like her ring size and the necklace length she prefers. Does she need diamond earrings to match her diamond pendant, for example? 

As for ring sizes, you can quietly pick up her favourite ring or necklace that she currently wears and measure the circumference of the ring or length of the necklace with a string.

  1. Find out her birthstone from this chart.

It would be great to take note of her birthstone and look for jewellery which are partly adorned with the particular gemstone.  Heart-shaped gemstones in the form of a pendant, a ring, earrings or on bracelets would be ideal gifts for her. 

  1. Seek advice from her close friends or family members like her mum or sisters 

Talk to those who have gone shopping with her as they would be able to tell you which jewellery stores or items usually interest her. For that matter, when you happen to be walking by a jewellery shop together, casually observe which piece catches her eye.

  1. Look for simple, elegant understated styles and you won’t go wrong 

If your significant other loves dressing flamboyantly, then the choice is yours in terms of designs and styles – you will have more to choose from. However, if her style is classic understated elegance then the more traditional designs will likely to appeal more to her.

  1. Shop with reliable Jewellers

Jewellers who offer a reasonable period of warranty for the piece of jewellery you purchase and who offer a generous return policy are recommended.  There is always a possibility that she might not like the design you chose or it was the wrong size.  Just knowing that the Jeweller has in place a hassle free return or exchange policy would certainly be of comfort for you.

With the above tips in mind, we hope you will have a pleasant and enjoyable time buying a special gift for your special someone.

And ladies, if jewellery is your thing, wouldn’t it be nice to show your man this article and hopefully he gets the hint. He might even thank you for helping him get things right just for you

(You are welcome ladies.)


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