An Essential Travel Tool We All Must Have

Everyday Carry Gear aka EDC Gear are your daily must haves that you just cannot do without when you leave home.  Think mobile phone, keychain, pen/stylus which are everyday items that combines functionality with your overall look and style.

As with most EDC gear, the type of material used for the equipment that you carry on you every day is an important criterion especially in this age of Covid-19.  More than anything, we are now even more conscious about the possible contamination of public areas and equipment.

How often have we cringed each time we have had to touch the handles of public toilet doors or lift buttons or even when keying in our PIN at ATM machines.  Its not always convenient or practical to carry sanitisers or disinfectants everywhere we go.

One way to diminish the risk of contamination from physically touching surfaces in public areas is to use our Anti-Microbial Keyring to do the job.  Touch any surface with our Keyring instead of your fingers to minimise any risk of cross contamination.  The Keyring has been designed to enable door handles to be easily opened, lift buttons to be safely pressed and touchscreens to be activated – all without having to use any physical part of your hands.

Made of 260 brass with a 70% copper component.  The most ductile of the yellow brasses, 260 brass has good strength, finishing capabilities and is fairly corrosion resistant.  Studies have shown that antimicrobial copper-alloy touch surfaces can prevent frequently touched surfaces from serving as reservoirs for the spread of pathogenic microbes. The surfaces of copper and its alloys, such as brass, are known to be antimicrobial. They have an inherent ability to kill a wide range of harmful microbes relatively rapidly – often within two hours or less – and with a high degree of efficiency. 

As part of good maintenance of your Keyring, it is advised not to use it where it will come into contact with acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, or ammonia.

This Keyring is proving to be an essential part of everyone’s EDC gear and we are offering while stocks last, a free gift of a stainless steel key chain carabiner to help keep your Keyring by your side handy all the time.  Clip the Keyring to your belt hole, handbag, backpack and be assured of better and more hygienic protection whenever you need to touch surfaces in public areas.


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