Viviva Colorsheets

Viviva Colorsheets

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A revolutionary way to paint on the go.  Easy, lightweight watercolour sheets with true vibrant colours. An essential item on the packing list of the travelling artist or illustrator.  Viviva Colorsheets has taken the artist community worldwide by storm and is currently seen in major art stores in USA, Canada, Europe & South America and even in the hands of fashion illustrators on the fashion catwalks of Paris & Milan.

Eleganz n Grace - The Style Shoppe feels honoured to be Viviva's first Australian stockist and retailer of Viviva Colorsheets.

The assortment of 16 transparent watercolours is packaged like a notepad booklet. 4 colours on each page - 2 on the front and 2 on the back.

  • The coloursheets are made from ultra-premium dyes that produce the most glorious transparent and vibrant hues. The colours included are crimson, deep pink, vermillion, dusk orange, chrome yellow, gold ochre, burnt umber, burnt sienna, light green, sap green, viridian, peacock blue, persian blue, violet, magenta and slate black. 
  • The sheets are easy to hold in one hand and colour indexed at the bottom of each page for easy handling.
  • With super-saturated hues that are long lasting; each sheet has comparable coverage to a typical half-pan.
  • Each sheet is prevented from sticking to one another by a special water-repellent paper which separates the colors and prevents them from sticking when wet.
  • The set also includes a mixing panel that folds in and out that allows for easy mixing of colours.
  •  The dimensions of the booklet are approximately 13.5 cm H x 7 cm W  and each coloursheet -  4.5 cm H x 6 cm W

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