Alyce Alexandra - Recipes From Our Cooking School

Alyce Alexandra - Recipes From Our Cooking School

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why we ♥ it: 
In the pages of this book you will find a handpicked selection of recipes from Alyce Alexandra's Thermomix cooking classes, designed to teach you how to get the most out of your machine with seriously scrumptious results. Includes a full colour photo for every recipe, as well as instructional images and behind the scenes tips and tricks. These are Alyce’s most advanced recipes, ready for you take your thermie game to the next level!  Whether it’s healthy desserts or authentic Indian you’re after, there’s something for every kind of cook in this book.   

recipes included from the following classes:
• Bread
• Champagne Breakfast
• Dessert
• Healthy Snacks & Desserts
• Paleo
• Varoma
• Christmas
• Yum Cha
• Indian

bragging rights:
• Experience an alyce alexandra Thermomix cooking class in your home kitchen – finally, geography won’t get in the way! 
• Recipes from Alyce as well as only thermie experts Janene, Tina and Claudette 
• All the tips and tricks you need to get on top of your TM game, including instructional photographs 
• Learn to navigate your way around multilayered meals in the Varoma, including steaming meat (with delicious results, guaranteed)
• Each recipe selection will help you to learn and conquer a huge range of advanced skills in your Thermomix and out, such as steaming, kneading, multilayer cooking, egg white whipping, pastry making, proving, dough shaping and more
• Easy to follow formatting and symbols for simplicity in the kitchen
• Coding for gluten free, dairy free, vegan and vegetarian recipes 
• Included are more advanced recipes to develop culinary skills, especially good for proficient cooks and anyone who likes to entertain  

highlight recipes: 
• The best custard tart (both pastry and filling from scratch!) 
• ‘Roast’ beef salad (steamed in the varoma!)
• French baguettes (yep, you can do it!)
• Bread rolls (so easy once you know how)
• Fibre-rich seed rolls (gluten and grain free!)
• Linguine with flaked salmon (done entirely in the thermie)
• Christmas ice cream (we’re famous for it) 
• Steamed pork buns (entirely from scratch) 
• Egg tarts (yum cha at your place)
• Traditional Sri Lankan curry (melt in your mouth!) 

• Hardcover 
• 184 full-colour pages 
• 49 recipes 

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