We are here as a community of like-minded art and creative enthusiasts looking for tips and tools to make our creative journey a more happy and enjoyable one. A lot of our products are geared to inspire the designer and creative in you.  But sometimes we just need some form of direction or instruction to produce a better piece of handiwork which we can be delightfully proud of.

To this end, we have scoured the globe for excellent online classes at reasonable prices. We have since found and are ourselves using the online classes featured on Creative Bug.


So what and who is CREATIVE BUG - you might ask?

Based in the USA - they are a team of dreamers and makers who believe that everyone has a creative side. They pride themselves on bringing the latest in art and craft education to their members, and they work with renowned artists to do just that.

How Creativebug Works

By signing up for CREATIVEBUG you'll enjoy unlimited access to thousands of online art and craft classes. Watch classes anytime, anywhere. Since their classes never expire, you can start and stop projects at your own pace. No pressure, just possibilities!

There are a few ways that one can check out the classes offered.

Check out some of the classes currently being offered for free.

And if you feel inspired to sign up for the more advanced classes,

their very attractive pricing include :

3 month trial sign up for approx A$7.50 thereafter approx. A$11.50 per month. Cancel Anytime.

Browse the Creative Bug website and be amazed at the quality of unlimited instructions on various art & craft categories


Purchase a Gift Subscription for yourself or fellow creative and enjoy your creative journey together.

If ever you are looking for quality and affordable art and craft online classes, look no further.

Happy Creating!



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