5 Ways We Are Doing Accessories Wrong!



Accessories play a major part in making a woman look polished and well put together. Use them to accentuate the features that flatter you the most and you can strut your stuff with confidence. Every woman has her own personal dress style.  Some like it simple and casual, while some love the attention and drama that goes with flamboyant accessories that make a statement.

If you have seen the movie “Steel Magnolias”, you will recall the character played by Olympia Dukakis declaring “The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorise”.

What an awesome statement!

But before you run out and start buying all the accessories that catch your fancy – please bear in mind these 5 important rules to help you redefine accessories and take your personal dress style up a notch.

  • Do accessories have to match?

Not anymore! For casual everyday dressing, you are much better off relating your accessories to one another rather than having completely matching designs. The stylish woman of today simply loves adorning herself with different designs of necklace, earrings and bracelet, yet still manages to look coordinated and lovely.

  • Can I get away with using one black bag everyday with any attire? 

Absolutely not!! Change your handbag seasonally to complete your look. Summer bags should be lighter and brighter in hue than your winter handbags.  Marion Rothschild, author of Look Good Now and Always, suggests as an example – your spring/summer bag might be bright yellow or coral and your winter bag could be dark green or teal. Count the compliments! 

  • Use accessories to draw attention to features – not hide flaws!

How many of us are guilty of throwing on the first pashmina in sight to cover our arms without any thought towards colour coordinating the look. Or you might use huge chucky bangles to camouflage a fragile wrist in the hope of presenting a funky image.  It would be much better to coordinate different shawls or scarves with different coloured clothes. A well coordinated shawl on your shoulders will draw attention to the lovely colours of your outfit and the beautiful necklace you might happen to be wearing.

Did you also know that a woman’s wrist is considered the most flattering part of her body? It's her most delicate and feminine feature.  Hence wearing a beautiful bracelet or bangle will certainly attract attention and admiration for your beauty and style.

  • Pearls are for elderly ladies!

The many cultured pearl varieties in the market today include Akoya, Tahitian, South Sea and Freshwater. Look around the jewellery stores, and you will find pearls in different jewellery settings as opposed to the traditional necklace setting of a single string of pearls and a single pearl ear stud. Contemporary designs these days showcase pearls alongside semi precious and precious gemstones. All these to cater to the different age groups of lovers of jewellery.

With modern technology and innovative design methods, women of all ages can now avail themselves of cultured pearl jewellery that range from the classic to the casual.

  • Wearing one pair of glasses ALL THE TIME!.

 Margie Deeb, a prominent bead artist and writer explains the rule of thumb for wearing glasses :The more prominent the glasses, the more carefully you need to balance the jewellery.  Hair must also be considered.  Hairstyles with lots of texture, large or striking shape, stark highlights and unusual colour add another visually competing element.

She recommends for visually dominant glasses and prominent hairstyles, to go with simpler designed earrings for visual harmony. It pays also to have handy a visually subdued pair of glasses for occasions when you want to flaunt your intricate earrings.  For those with shorter, less textured and smoother hairstyles, dramatic earrings have room to work their magic.  No visual chaos here, says Margie.

And remember, like other accessories, eyeglass frames need updating at least every three to five years. Frames get chipped and look the worse for wear and tear and a good quality eyeglass frame keeps your image always styled, always fresh.

So we hope you will rethink the way you use accessories to define your style bearing in mind some of the tips above.

Share with us your own style tips in the comments below.  We would love to hear from you!

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